Thursday, March 25, 2010

Extreme Career Makeover

Brick Wall: My career path

Last week, I resigned from my job because it was no longer the right fit for me. I know what most people were thinking when heard about this, "What is she doing?! Is she crazy?!" Please believe me, this was the best decision for me and this time in my life. Don't worry, I'm currently freelancing and very much enjoying what I'm doing. For some time now, I've been evaluating my career path and realizing that I'm not very happy in it. I've been asking myself a number of questions. Is marketing the right field for me? Am I utilizing all of my strengths in this field? Am I even enjoying it anymore? Should I get my MBA? Should I be looking into a career change? Should I go into business for myself? Is this a phase everyone goes through or am I just the odd-ball-out?

As you can probably tell, it's time to do some serious reflecting on these questions. Luckily, I have a great circle of family, friends and mentors to seek advice from. Some of them I've already reached out to, and some of them I have yet to. One of my mentors recommended that I make a list of people whom I admire and have been successful balancing their careers (something they have passion for) with their personal life. The people on this list are all very special to me, and just to have them in my life is a blessing. So far, the few I have reached out to have offered incredible words of wisdom, most of which all have a common theme...take the time I need to think this through thoroughly.

So for the next two months, I look forward to working with Visible Vote in my freelancing role, examing my career path and future, fine-tuning my time management skills, training for my first 10-mile race, finding a new spiritual home, updating this blog more often, learning to cook more vegetarian dishes, and falling in love over and over again with this city as the warm weather sets back in.

This is quite a large brick wall to overcome, but you know me...that's never stopped me before! Stay tuned for more great info on overcoming your obstacles (brick walls) and more advice for fellow job seekers!


  1. Jenny, I'm so happy that you are continuing to follow your heart! Good luck as you work on all these things, let me know if you ever want to chat..

    Monica M

  2. You can do it! Keep your creative fire burning and you will always be warm and happy. You know you have my full support. -kari

  3. Good for you! Keep your creative fire burning and you will always be warm! I'm proud of you. You have 110% of my support. Love you! - kari

  4. Jenny! These are some of the same questions I've asked myself. This is very common. I think especially with people who have marketing degrees. Just keep doing what you're doing and go bit by bit.

    We will def have to meet up in Chi-town to chat it up. I'm so excited I'm actually moving two weeks! Start the new job in three. So stoked...

    I am here to offer any sound advice to you, any time.

    Talk to you soon,