Friday, May 15, 2009

My Finale, Part 1

Brick Wall: The announcement

For a long time now, I haven't been able to be completely honest with everyone in my life, and it's been killing me, especially at work. While I have known that this major change is about to happen, many people close to me had no clue. That all changed this past Thursday, when I gave my notice to The Bank of Tampa. It was tough, so tough. Words can't even describe the amount of respect I have for this company, how thankful I am for the opportunities they gave me, and how much I will miss the people. Not surprisingly, they were wonderful and supportive and understanding. I couldn't help but wonder if I will ever find an environment and a group of coworkers like this again. Fortunately, for me, I've experienced this twice now in my first job at Forizs & Dogali and again at the bank.

But I'm not just leaving my job. I'm leaving the city I love, my hometown. It's hard to explain why, but Tampa is not the place for me anymore. Still, I knew it wouldn't be easy to tell everyone that I was moving on. And yet, it's been bittersweet. After I made the announcement, I received phone calls, texts, messages and e-mails that I never expected. I've been quite emotional after reading the wonderful messages from close friends, acquaintances, and people I met just a few times. I am so blessed, incredibly blessed.

And there's no turning back now (not that I want to). Chicago, here I come. With nothing but the items I can fit in my little Elantra, I am coming and eager to be a part of your city. I want to contribute to the community and learn from your professionals. I want to research my family roots and reconnect with distant relatives there. I want to accomplish many badly, and am willing to give up the comfortable life I lead for this (leaving my "safe zone"). Man, I love Chicago. I pray that I am as blessed there as I have been here.

The series finale of Scrubs aired this week, and ironically, the main character was preparing to say goodbye and leave a place he had been for the last eight years. I can relate in more ways than one. Here are his parting words:

"Endings are never easy. I always build them up so much in my head that they can’t possibly live up to my expectations, and I just end up disappointed. I’m not even sure why it matters so much how things end here. I guess it’s because we all want to believe that what we do is very important, that people hang on to our every word, that they care what we think. The truth is you should consider yourself lucky if you even occasionally get to make someone, anyone, feel a little better. After that, it’s all about the people that you let into your life, and as my mind drifted to faces I’ve seen here before, I was taken to memories of family, of coworkers, of lost loves, even of those who’ve left us. And as I rounded that corner they all came at me in a wave of shared experiences, and even though it felt warm and safe, I knew it had to end. It’s never good to live in the past too long. As for the future…it didn’t seem so scary anymore. It could be whatever I wanted it to be."


  1. This is the most inspirational thing I've ever read and feel the most awesome positive things for you!

    Here's to smashing brickwalls!

  2. You will love Chicago, Jenny. Welcome to our fine city!