Monday, May 25, 2009

5 Best-Kept Secrets for Job Seekers

Brick Wall: The search (continued...)

In an effort to continue documenting the details on my job search, I decided to share five tips that I believe will make you stand out in your search...or at least I'm hoping they will help. Good luck!

1. Job Angels group on This "pay if forward" concept features professionals who have signed up to this group because they are willing to assist job seekers in their search. The main web site is still under construction, so for now, you can search the members of the group on and reach out to them. Just remember to "pay it forward" as a job angel once you are established as well.

2. Read up on industry trends: Being unemployed is not an ideal situation, but it is a great time to catch up on your industry's latest trends. Read books and blogs on industry leaders. Sign up for e-newsletters or RSS feeds. Don't know who your industry leaders are? Google it (for example, search for "Internet marketing experts"). This is your opportunity to educate yourself so that you present yourself as THE most informed candidate at your next interview. Currently, I'm reading David Meerman Scott and finding his marketing knowledge to be quite fascinating.

3. Utilize lists:, along with many local business publications, publish annual lists of the fastest-growing companies. It may be time-consuming, but it would be worth it to research these companies to see if they are hiring. If they are still growing through these tough economic times, that's a good sign that they may have exceptional leadership in place, or they may be offering a truly unique product or service to their clients.

4. Stay positive using social media: So you may be having a bad day...don't take it out on your tweets or status updates. Employers don't want to see negativity. Stay positive! If you can't think of anything positive to post, look up a quote that has meaning to you. Keep the complaining to a minimum because your profile, posts, etc. are a reflection of who you are and speak louder than you may realize.

5. Personally AND publicly thank your contacts: Personal thank yous are due to anyone who directs you to a job opening, web site, article or even a networking contact. But you could publicly thank your source by mentioning their act of kindness in a blog post, tweet, status update, etc. In fact, I look back and realize that I should have done this for many people over the last few months, and I'll do my best to recognize them from this point on (many thanks to @richcilia, @simasays and Holly Tomlin for your time and advice).

These tips come from a fellow job seeker, but I hope they prove helpful in your search. Additional tips are appreciated!

By the way, this is a big week for me as I say goodbye to Tampa...My Finale, Part 2 coming later this week!

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