Monday, May 3, 2010

Created an app? There's Marketing For That.

Brick Wall: A new area of marketing (for me)

Wikipedia defines a mobile app as "Mobile software designed to run on handheld computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), enterprise digital assistants (EDAs), smartphones or mobile phones."  (And I felt comfortable enough with that description, even if you're not supposed to rely on everything on that site.)

The number of apps on the market grows exponentially each day.  A recent news article stated that the Apple App Store has already exceeded more than 200,000.  Some of these were created with a purpose and the end goal of making a profit.  Some of these were created for fun, and grew faster than their founders ever intended to.  In either case, these developers are essentially starting a business, and they may be looking for guidance depending on how quickly their app has caught on. 

If you perform a Google search on "app marketing," you'll see very few listings on the first page dedicated only to the marketing of the application.  If you perform the same search on Amazon, you'll get results of books published in the last few years.  My point in all of this...I believe this is a new and growing area, and that's why I'm thrilled to be able to gain experience in it by working with Visible Vote.

Visible Vote is a free non-partisan application dedicated to bringing greater transparency to our representative form of government.  It was released late last summer and now has more than 105,000 users.  There is also a free portal for legislators and campaigns (at the federal level only at this time) to be able to access the app and communicate with their constituents.  I'm fortunate that I'm learning and experiencing ALL aspects of growing this business from marketing to public relations to lead generation to cold calls to assisting with demonstrations to sales admin to strategic planning and more! 

I've recently started following as many app marketing experts as I can on Twitter so I can learn from the best (recommendations are always welcome).  So far, I have to say that this interesting blog article is right on par with what I've learned so far: 10 iPhone App Marketing Mistakes to Avoid.

This is certainly an exciting time in my career, and for Visible Vote!  I look forward to sharing my experiences in app marketing with everyone as I continue to break through another brick wall.  Stay tuned!  And here's the highest-rated app marketing book on Amazon (currently) in case you'd like to dive into this subject fact, I think I need to make this my next Amazon purchase!

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