Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why My Job is Top Secret

Brick Wall: Confidentiality & the Freelance World

You may have noticed that my last blog post was on May 3.  I was excited, hyped, psyched to be in the app marketing world!  And I still am!  The only problem is...I can't tell you about my job.  This is not something my client is ordering upon me, and no, Visible Vote is not a secret government agency of any type.  This is a decision I came to on my own.  Visible Vote is the first of its kind.  Sure, there are some other apps that have just been released with a similar purpose to ours, but none of them have the following and features that we provide. 

Visible Vote is revolutionary, and it's because of this that I've made the decision not to share any of our marketing or social media secrets on my blog.  One day, there will be a time and place to do so, but right now, the landscape is just too competitive.  In the meantime, I still love each day that I get to work with our dynamic team and enhance a product that will truly make a difference for voters and legislators.

With Visible Vote taking up 85% of my time as a freelancer, it's been difficult to bring on other clients to fill that last 15% of my schedule.  And so I embrace my next brick wall...offering my services as a Freelance Digital & Social Media Strategist for small- to medium-sized businesses.  Many businesses want to have a presence in social media, but they just don't have the time.  That's where I come in.  I will run and manage your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn accounts and provide you with regular metrics on these accounts.  Some of you may be reading this and think, "Well, that doesn't sound too hard."  It can be a real struggle for some businesses to find the time to do this.  Plus, there is a strategy behind running these accounts for a business purpose.  Luckily, for me, this is exactly the kind of work I can fit into my schedule.  As much as I'd love to be taking contract jobs, it's just not realistic for me with my workload with Visible Vote.  To get a better idea of what I'm offering, please check out www.jennyweigle.com.

So if you know of any businesses that may be interested in hiring a Freelance Digital & Social Media Strategist, then please send them my way!  Also, I promise to be more regular with my blog posts from now on.  Perhaps I'll sneak in one or two little app marketing secrets along the way, too.  Stay tuned!

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